And now, something new.

The blogs I write could be shuffled into three categories. Firstly, I write blogs that pose a discussion on gaming. Secondly, I put together my positive thoughts on gaming in general. Thirdly, there are the blogs that discuss History and Gaming. Now it’s time to add a fourth kind: fiction blogs.

That’s right, RedHeadPeak wants to tell you a story. This could go really well, or really badly, but it’s happening either way.

book mc

I’ve always wanted to tell stories, but I lack the literary finesse to make the most of each story. Since I began writing in January 2014, I have been writing for practice as well as enjoyment. I’m now at a stage where I feel happy enough to share my fiction, at least in small sections.

This also comes at a time where I plan to organise my blogging. The four types of blogpost mentioned above will now be presented in a four-week cycle. This week I am introducing the first story I wish to tell,  next week I’ll write a History blog, and so on. I even made a little diagram:

blog plan

Whilst I scribble my story ideas in private, this will be the first time I’ve made my ‘works of fiction’ public. I have no doubt that my early attempts will be sketchy (it’s why I’m giving myself a three week gap between each installment, to make sure it’s not rushed) and I’m hoping that constructive criticism will be included. If you don’t like something about the story or my writing, say so. I’ve no reason to be offended this early on, and I’ll take guidance gladly.

If you’re not interested in reading fiction in a blog, you needn’t read further. Below is a little sample of what’s to come. It is, in the theme of my blog – inspired by video games. The project is so far entitled ‘Objective Survive’, and it’s laden with references to videogames and game mechanics. If you’re a gamer, some of this should be quite familiar. If your not, you should (hopefully) still find the story enjoyable.

This is the first part of Section 1 – each blog will be another section of the story – and sees the main character (you) ‘loading’ into an unknown location. Have a read, see what you think…

Objective Survive

Section 1 – Rendevous

A metallic chattering fills your senses. Your feel the edges of your teeth hum and thrum with the sound. You stumble in circles. Reaching out, you realise that you cannot see or feel anything. Your eyes are filled with a cold, milky haze and your heart is striking out in panic. There is no other sensation. Are you even standing on solid ground?

You blink, and then there are shapes. First, a giant solid grey rectangle spreads out beneath you. Concrete. You are standing on concrete. Your feet find the solid ground. Second, a dozen orbs of light hover around you, at the border of the concrete floor. Lights? Lanterns? Lampposts. Third, a large green box stands at one end of the concrete. A big metal house? A warehouse with a grey, corrugated door raised up to reveal the darkness within.

These hazy shapes begin to snap into focus. The texture of the hard surface beneath you fades into existence. Yellow lines flutter into place; this must be the car park for that warehouse ahead of you. The warehouse is also beginning to find its finer details. You can make out the crenelated pattern in the metal walls, and read the number ‘8’ etched tall and white onto the flaked, green paintwork. The floating lights have their poles beneath them now.

Why are your eyes finding it so hard to focus?

More features of this place drop into your perception. The warehouse, lampposts and car park are all surrounded by rows of metal fencing topped with curled wire. You turn about and see several more metal structures of varying sizes. More warehouses, each with its own white number stamped on its side, and its own a strip of empty car park. A single-lane road connects the network of buildings, snaking off into the distance. You are in some sort of deserted compound, but where exactly?

The sky is suddenly blue and cloudless. Suddenly cloudless? Did the sky only just become blue? It’s definitely the middle of the day right now, but for a moment there it seemed like…. there wasn’t a sky. You realise how ridiculous that thought sounds. How you got here is the real mystery, not whether or not the sky has always been blue. You resolve to pull yourself together. You should find someone to help you. You are clearly suffering from a serious illness.

You stride towards ‘warehouse 8’. After a few steps, you hear a sound. The first sound you’ve been aware of so far. It came from further down the road: a hard, abrupt pop. You turn your head, and the noise repeats. And then again, but this time it happens three times in a row. Three sharp claps. Then another three claps, a little louder and harsher than before. You stop and turn, head titled, listening like a puppy to the strange commotion. New noises join the performance, distinct from the last. Different sounds within the mix. Some claps are much deeper in tone, others raspier and sharper, others…are…well… they are…

…that isn’t clapping. You’re not sure if you’ve ever heard those noises in real life, but you recognise them now. As the cloud of clamours grows closer and clearer, you finally realise what those rapid noises actually are…


You run for Warehouse 8.

Final Thoughts

This is new territory for me and blog writing, but an avenue I really want to explore. I hope you like the sound of Objective Survive. If you don’t I hope you will provide some constructive criticism that will get me on track. Either way…

Thank You For Reading

You can contact the author on Twitter @RedHeadPeak or read the full blog at

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