One by One, They Vanish

The first time I led a game of Dungeons & Dragons, I knew I wanted to have use a story I had created. It wasn’t a vain thought; I actually felt like I didn’t want to ‘spoil’ the official stories that Wizards of the Coast had made. I wanted to make a little buffer of sorts before I got into the real thing. So I made a little seaside adventure.

Presenting another shameless self-promotion of my D&D guides:

One by One, They Vanish was my second upload to, but it was the first D&D adventure I ever made.


One by One, They Vanish is a ‘one-shot’ adventure . It is designed to be played by a party of 1st level adventurers. It is especially good for new or young players. 

Grey Sands Village is a small settlement overlooking the ocean. It is a quaint, quiet spot for a few farming families eeking out a living. Whilst there are no obvious signs of distress, the village is experiencing a strange hardship; many of its denizens have gone missing. No signs of struggle or bloodshed. One day they are there, and the next they are gone.

This adventure is especially useful as a great starting point for new adventurers. It begins with some simple investigative work and dialogue with the village folk before a night time revelation, leading to a short but perilous dungeon crawl. For new players, this guide contains all the elements of a classic game of Dungeons & Dragons, whilst providing some unique intrigue for more experienced players.

Available on DMSGuild | Price: $1.00 

I’ve personally played this little adventure with every group I have been Dungeon Master for, and I’ve only had positive reactions. Whilst I definitely learnt a lot about writing and D&D since making this guide, but this one will always feel a bit special.

Have a Great Adventure!

Author: Rufus Scott

I am a long term Gamer, a full-time History Teacher and a part-time geek. I enjoy writing about the positive aspects of gaming, especially when it comes to education. My posts are sometimes nostalgic, occasionally irrelevant, largely meant to provoke further discussion. I'll sometimes punctuate these whimsical ramblings with a random comment on gaming and/or teaching.

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