Comment Quest – Part 1

Fancy a new adventure? What about a ‘choose your own adventure’, where what happens next is decided by the comments section? This is Comment Quest.

You see a Goblin

PART 1 – You See a Goblin

It has only been a few months since you left home to seek fame and fortune as an adventurer. To slay monsters, rescue villagers, to become a true hero praised and respected everywhere you go. To see what this strange and mysterious world has in store for the intrepid traveller.

Unfortunately… it’s not going the way you’d hoped. It turns out that when you stride into a village claiming to be a hero, most people just move on by trying their best to ignore you. Those that do have work for you, don’t really have anything to offer. So far, you’ve saved a flock of sheep by scaring off a pair of hungry wolves, you escorted a farmer and his horse and cart for a few days. Someone paid you a few silver coins to find ingredients for a potion, but that just involved picking flowers. 

But you weren’t ready to give up just yet, so a few days ago, you set off on a forest road to see what the next town has to offer. It’s a four day hike along a lonely dirt road, but there’s sure to be a quest at the end of it! Right? At least, you hope so.

Well, it seems today is going to be a little different. After an uncomfortable night’s sleep against a tree on the roadside, you’re stretching your back and rolling your shoulders, when you hear twigs snapping, and the rush of movement through the undergrowth. You glance about. You see nothing at first, but whatever is moving closer is breathing heavily.

Suddenly, a little way up the road, a goblin bursts out of the treeline. You think it’s a goblin at least. You’ve been told about them. Its 3 feet tall, pale green skin, long, pointed ears, a nest of curled fangs in its mouth, crude leather clothing. Definitely a goblin.

It sprints across the dirt path but freezes, slowly turning to face you. In its haste, it didn’t realise you would be standing here. It stares wide-eyed at you. Its right hand is clutching at its stomach, and its left hand is clasped around something that you can’t quite make out.

You both stand no more than 30 feet from one another, silent.

So tell me, adventurer:

What do you do now?

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Dungeon23 – Week 4

One of the aspects that intrigues me about a Megadungeon is how they can feel so ‘lived in’. A standard dungeon might be completely barren of life – just ancient traps and treasures left behind – or it might still be occupied by a big bad monster or evil villain. If you greatly expand the limits of the rooms and landscape within, suddenly theirs room to add whole ecosystems, small pockets of civilisation, clans, potential allies and enemies.

I have an overall idea that several of the layers of my Dungeon23 creation will have humanoid groups living within. Remnants of a bygone age, or people seeking refuge from the calamities outside. As outlined in earlier blog posts, this ‘dungeon’ was a high-tech complex trying to save the world. Whilst it failed, and has since given way to the chaos, collapse and corruption, some pockets of the dungeon still support life.

If nothing else, offering a party potential companions/nemesis that are just trying to survive amongst the aging machinery and monstrous abominations, has the potential to create interesting scenarios and problems for the players to overcome. Unless they blast through human and monster alike without a second thought… that’s okay too.

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Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Winged Horse

I was recently looking at a friends Lego Harry Potter set when I observed the Lego Thestral and thought: “Have I missed a monster? I’m half a dozen Fantastic Beasts from completely D&D-ifying the whole book, but I don’t remember seeing the Thestral in it.”

The reason turned out to be that Thestral are a type of Winged Horse, and are mentioned in a single half-sentence. Which is an odd way round in my opinion; in a world of griffons and hippogriffs and dragons and pixies, choosing to define a creatures by the fact that they can fly and not by its ability to be invisible to anyone who has not had a specific trauma is more than slightly odd.

What this does also mean, as I round on the penultimate entry in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, that I actually need to create three different stat Blocks for the Winged Horse.

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Have you ever felt something was made just for you?

When I saw the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer, I was excited. If you have only seen one or two (or all five) of the Bay movies, you would be forgiven for not sharing in my enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you’ve seen Bumblebee, you should be very hopeful. In my opinion.

This is not a mini-blog to gush about that movie though. I could. The first five minute action sequence shames the first five movies all on its own with its awesomeness. I’m not here to do that though. I’m here to point out a really specific moment.

When the very first Transformers movie was announced, I had a very VERY specific hope:

I wanted to see a Transformer perform a handbrake turn into a transforming, flying punch like the intro of the original cartoon. (Like I say, very specific)

Six movies later, it happened:

Beautiful reality

I went back and watched this scene multiple times, with childhood glee. It just has to be deliberate. Someone working on this show was such a massive fan of the cartoon, that they wanted to same thing as I did. I can’t believe for a moment that this choreography is a coincidence.

I also had a very selfish thought: This was clearly made just for me.

That’s how little moments like this feel. A very specific want from a movie, song, game, play… and that need is met. A lot about Bumblebee did this for the child in me.

How about you? Was something made just for you? In part or completely tailored to your demands and desires? Too perfect to be an accident?

As always, thank you for reading.

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Dungeon23 – Week 3

I knew, going into the creation of my ‘megadungeon’, that the first layer would have areas that were sealed off. I didn’t actually know why they were cordoned off, but I had a vague image of a clan living in the rear of the dungeon, cut off from several rooms because of prior events. This was because ‘Cut’ was my week 1 prompt, and I liked the idea of a dungeon clan that could be befriended if these areas were cleared of their dangers.

Last week, I built up one sealed off area based around the ‘idol’ prompt and the residential sector rend asunder by the former android guards. This week, I knew I wanted to make a laboratory sector, with the ‘mask’ prompt, but I couldn’t decide what was the cause of the abandonment of this zone. So I asked the lovely people on Mastodon to help me decide:

So this week starts out with a lab containing a monster grown from a failed experiment, with ‘mask’ as the key word. The week ended with me moving on to the rooms where the party can first interact with the clan that lives in the rooms not currently infested with monstrous plants.

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