Dungeon23 – Week 3

I knew, going into the creation of my ‘megadungeon’, that the first layer would have areas that were sealed off. I didn’t actually know why they were cordoned off, but I had a vague image of a clan living in the rear of the dungeon, cut off from several rooms because of prior events. This was because ‘Cut’ was my week 1 prompt, and I liked the idea of a dungeon clan that could be befriended if these areas were cleared of their dangers.

Last week, I built up one sealed off area based around the ‘idol’ prompt and the residential sector rend asunder by the former android guards. This week, I knew I wanted to make a laboratory sector, with the ‘mask’ prompt, but I couldn’t decide what was the cause of the abandonment of this zone. So I asked the lovely people on Mastodon to help me decide:

So this week starts out with a lab containing a monster grown from a failed experiment, with ‘mask’ as the key word. The week ended with me moving on to the rooms where the party can first interact with the clan that lives in the rooms not currently infested with monstrous plants.

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Dungeon23 – Week 2

One of the options for this lengthy creative project is to turn to random tables and generators for inspiration for what can be found in each room. I haven’t needed to do this (yet) because I have a reasonable grasp of what I want to do on this month’s layer. Yet, the original post about Dungeon23 came with a list of key-word prompts, and I’m inclined to use them. Not so much to inspire me when I’m stuck, but to see if I can add a twist to the idea I already have.

In week 1, the prompt picked for me from the list (my wife picked a number from 1 to 52) was ‘cut’. So some of the first seven rooms have doorways cut off from fallen debris, and there are strange lazer burns in the floor and ceiling that all suggest a great battle once surged on the land above , adding a layer of intrigued to the dungeon I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

In week 2, my random prompt was ‘idol’…

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Dungeon23 – Week 1

I was seeing a lot of cool dungeon ideas online over the last few months, more than usual, with the hashtag #Dungeon23. I appreciated the creativity, but I did not think of google what this meant.

Then, just before Christmas, a friend introduced me to Dungeon23 and what the exercise was. Here is the original post, which explains the very simple concept:

A little bit of dungeon designing, every day, for a year. I was on board immediately. Some people are well into their ‘Megadungeons’ at this point, but I decided to what until the 1st to begin, alongside the friend who clued me in.

I’m onto room number 10 today, below is what my Dungeon looked like by the end of Day 7:

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