Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Chizpurfle

When I first decided I wanted to convert all the Fantastic Beasts into Dungeons & Dragons monsters, I was thinking of all the giant spiders, snakes and cats. But today it’s a tiny crab. And that’s okay too…I guess.

To be fair, the Chizpurfle does have a few little quirks for me to work on. It’s drawn towards magic, gorges itself on magic items and hangs out in large swarms. That’s not so bad.

Swarm of Chizpurfle

Even in a swarm, the Chizpurfle isn’t a terrible threat. The harm they can do to magic items does however make them something to be weary of, and will definitely make for an interesting side-quest in the early days of a campaign.

Thank You For Reading

What do you think? I’m personally not sure about giving them acid damage in their bite, but it does help to explain how they can break down potion containers and magic items for sustenance. Here’s the list of the other Fantastic Beasts I’ve worked on so far.

Author: Rufus Scott

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