You were the best thing that day

A little sentimentality for your Saturday afternoon:

At some point in your life, you were the best thing to happen to someone that day.

They may have had an incredible day, and you were the person that elevated it. They may have had an awful day, and then you did something that broke through.

It may have been deliberate or you may not have realised it at the time. Something monumental you sacrifice, or a small gesture that resonated.

Whether you ever really knew it, or not, someone somewhere once said: I’m glad they were there.


Author: Rufus Scott

I am a long term Gamer, a full-time History Teacher and a part-time geek. I enjoy writing about the positive aspects of gaming, especially when it comes to education. My posts are sometimes nostalgic, occasionally irrelevant, largely meant to provoke further discussion. I'll sometimes punctuate these whimsical ramblings with a random comment on gaming and/or teaching.

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