Dungeon 23 – Week 9

Boss battles are not necessary for a good adventure, but they sure can ensure a great one. Having a big enemy every not and then to contend with raises the stakes, and also boosts the feeling that you are making great progress.

Layer one of my megadungeon doesn’t really have a major boss. The leader of the Principles is slightly stronger, but not by a great margin. The leader of the Tungsten Line is very much Boss material.

So far in this dungeon, negotiating with the clans within can prove fruitful. Whilst the rest of the Tungsten Line are semi-rational creatures, ‘The Tungsten Supervisor’ is not going to let any unauthorised personnel wander ‘his domain’. When the party have to contend with this strange creature, the rest of the clan will be more than happy to look the other way; they aren’t fans of their Supervisor either…

Tungsten Supervisor

The Supervisor was a man once. When he gained the leadership role, he used his access and understanding of biomechanics to “improve” himself.

And then, he began to improve himself some more…

Decades later, the Supervisor is almost entirely robotic. Six spider like limbs, four arms with different functions, the best armour and circuitry the factory could create.

Week 9 – 63 Rooms Complete

Layer 2 was completed this week, which looked like this:

And Layer 3 looks like this by the end of the week:

The rooms for week 9 look like this:

57. Supervisor’s Suite
– This workspace/bedroom has been taken over by machine works and droid parts – clues to the obsession the Supervisor has with their ‘personal upgrades’.
– Room is currently unoccupied; the Supervisor returns when injured to use the Recharge/Repair station

58. Operations
– Banks of displays, computer terminals and scattered files
– Almost all inactive. Consoles pulled out, writing and parts missing.
– The Supervisor controls all from their ‘throne’, a makeshift platform that allows them to directly connect to the functioning systems.

59. Elevator
– access to layer 3 and 4 (I.D. Required)
– both entrances are sealed and require the Supervisor’s authorisation to open (or the I.D. chip from their arm)
– Before the elevator ascends/descends, the doors close and the room fills with a thin, light blue mist – the decontamination process takes a full five minutes to cycle through

60. Elevator
– Provides access to the floor above and below, but will not descend without the proper ID chip (location TBD)
– Decontamination process completes whenever the elevator arrives on this layer
– Wet rooms in case of emergencies; no longer functioning but sanitised

61. Sanitised Corridor
– warm lighting, clean light blue walls
– artificial fish swim in thin pools running parallel across the room
– turrets appear from ceiling and floor if any poison or disease is detected in the room, which attempt to incinerate the ‘threat’

62. Foyer
– Seating around the outside; central statue depicting a Nature deity (pantheon TBD)
– oily, black roots (or veins?) encroach from the W and S; N path is clear but has scorch marks as if growths have been scorched off.

63. Crossroads
– Clear off growths; every surface polished and sanitised excessively
– Signposting: “N – Conferencing”, “E – Residential”, “S – Laboratories”, “W – Control”
– S entrance is alarmed. The Salubrious are alerted to any movement

In Summary

Two months down, two layers complete. Time is racing on. I’m finding setting up Layer 3 a lot easier, like I’m getting into the swing of it. The next layer is clinical, a laboratory partially overrun by its own experiments. Lots of ooze monsters and creepy growths. Happy days.

Thank You For Reading

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Author: Rufus Scott

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