How to Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1 Day

Perhaps you want to watch Picard or Star Trek: Discovery, but you “probably should check out some of the older stuff first”. Maybe you’ve always been curious about Star Trek: The Next Generation but “that’s a lot of episodes to get through…who has the time?”. Or you watched the series when you were younger, and want to go back to it, but you’re wary of those really bad episodes along the way.

In any case, I have a guide to help you. Other people have delivered their verdicts on whether each episode is worth your time. I have gone a little further. So much of the Next Gen is golden – or at least a well-crafted silver – but I have reduced the 7 seasons down to what I consider to be the very best episodes.

This list includes only 30 of the 178 episodes in the series. If each episode is 45 minutes long, that means that you have less than 23 hours of Next Gen remaining. Even then, I’ve suggested a few that you could skip (but would be mad to do so). I’ve also highlighted what I believe are five of the very best episodes. If you only want to take a quick dip in the Star Trek pool, you can be in and out in under 4 hours.

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