D&D Map: The Whitehart Manor

I made a map! After a big gap, I’ve written a new D&D adventure. This adventure needed a particular location; a vague outline or premade map would not suffice. So I took a chance and map my first ever battle map.

I’m quite happy with the results. So I thought I’d share it with you:

The Whitehart Manor is an abandoned stately home. The reason for its vacancy are a mystery for another time. The more curious element of the many if the top floor: a dilapidated glass dome that was once some sort of observatory.

These are the same images with a battle grid placed over them. They are are also a smaller file size.

If you’re interested in the adventure this is attached to, it’s called Burglar Beguiled and can be found on dmsguild.com. A link to the adventure, and the other one-shots in this little series, are below:

Whether you use my modules, or use the map for your own campaign, I hope you have an amazing adventure!

Thank You For Reading

Author: Rufus Scott

I am a long term Gamer, a full-time History Teacher and a part-time geek. I enjoy writing about the positive aspects of gaming, especially when it comes to education. My posts are sometimes nostalgic, occasionally irrelevant, largely meant to provoke further discussion. I'll sometimes punctuate these whimsical ramblings with a random comment on gaming and/or teaching.

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