Dungeon 23 – Week 6

365 rooms feels like a lot. That’s where the challenge lies, after all. Part of my logic in filling in all 28-31 rooms of each floor is by deciding that my Mega Dungeon is very much ‘lived-in’. It’s a structure designed for people to live and work in, so you need all the spaces that requires. Bedrooms, office rooms, work stations, amenities. All these things tick off a room or two.

The layer for February is a production facility. It was established to build technology en masse. The engineers and workers here were working around the clock to construct a way past a world altering event. So as well as some big factory rooms, each space is either dedicated to managing this huge project, or giving the staff their living quarters.

Project Calefact

The first layer of the Dungeon succeeded in its mission, to prevent a Famine that would decimate the planet. The world had only a short time to celebrate this success, before a second prophecy appeared. This time, the civilised world was endangered by the cold; the world was going to go through a sudden Ice Age.

The cold would last no more than a hundred years, but in that time, the people of the world would be almost completely annihilated. So, a new layer of this institution would be added. The first layer, The Plenty Project would continued to feed the world during the cold snap, whilst also supporting the new layer: Project Calefact.

The objective was simple, the undertaking was complex: build devices, machines, technology that would heat homes, transport lines and entire cities. Resources would pour in, and these ‘calefactors’ would be sent across the globe, to keep the civilised parts of the world warm.

Now, as this ‘dungeon’ floats through space, this machines still buzz and thrum. With the ever-diminishing resources within the Atmo-Sphere, the machines now work to create replacement parts, and supply the layers above and below with machinery in return for food and supplies.

The industry is slowly failing, grinding and sputtering, and sometimes droids and auxiliary machines are cannibalised when resources are low. The droids aren’t always happy about that fact.

Week 6 – 42 rooms complete

By the end of week 6, Layer 2 had these new rooms:

36. Old entrance
– Transport once flowed in through a subterranean road. Now collapsed and sealed off.
– Extensive damage. Most of the ceiling has collapsed inwards, filling the centre of the room. (Offers total cover from turrets in 4)
– 25 % chance that the “gold sentry” appears here. (Route is marked)

37. Reception
– All visitors and supplies once came through here.
– Central turntable allowed large vehicles to turn easily in the enclosed space. Now has a large lightning trap fitted to it (triggered by pressure).
– Two droids stand guard at the desk.
– Shelving holds useful materials.
– 25% chance the “gold sentry” will appear here and begin patrolling.

38. Storage Bay A
– All available floor and ceiling space is taken up by industrial shelving.
– 4 members of the ‘Tungsten Line’ clan are present, selecting components for repairs.
– If active, the ‘copper sentry’ patrols here. 20% chance that they appear here (route marked on map)

39. Storage Bay B
– N door is sealed
– A flamethrower turret guards this room. Attacks any creature without an ID badge.
– If the ‘Copper Sentry’ is active, there is a 20% chance that they are first encountered here.

40. Sentry Chamber
– The Copper and Gold recharge and repair at the station in this room.
– Sentries return to this chamber when their hit points are reduced to 25 or less.
– Copper Sentry is idle here when the party arrive, only activated by the Tungsten Line clan if they are attacked or threatened.

41. Storage Bay C
– a burnt out fire truck occupies the centre of this room.
– The clan use this room to “blow off steam”; the floor, ceiling and walls are pot marked with all manner of damage (difficult terrain)
– 25% chance that the Gold Sentry first appears here.

42. Storage Bay D
– Shrine to a god of Industry/Machinery (TBD) made of cabling and circuitry
– Concrete and steel altar
– parts of ‘sacrificed’ droids and machines strewn about
– Two ‘broken worker droids’ rise up and attack outsiders that approach the altar.
– 25% chance that the Golden Sentry is first encountered here

In Summary

‘Gold’ was the random word of the week. Given that gold is a good conductor, this inspired the use of electric traps and the patrolling ‘gold sentry’, that stalks some of these rooms (and a few rooms next week). I’ve not created stats for the sentries yet, or any residents of the dungeon. I’m not sure what gaming system I’ll be using once the mega dungeon is finished, so I may leave that until the end. Or at least until a little bit more of the lore is in place.

Thank You For Reading

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Author: Rufus Scott

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