Dungeon 23 – Week 8

Let’s make some robots!

I’ve not made too many creatures for my Megadungeon yet, because I haven’t landed on what game I want to run it in yet. I default to 5th Edition D&D, but I’ve also been introduced to Old School Essentials recently, and in the recent issues with WOTC, I’ve been giving Pathfinder the side-eye.

Having said that, building monsters is fun. To me anyway, and I’ve been looking at the robotic, colour-coded ‘Sentries’ in my notes and wondering what they would look like.

Sentries of Project Calefact

This is the second layer of the big dungeon, so lower level monsters are required, and there will be some clans people and other small opponents. These sentries are meant to be more challenging than expected – something to flee from or plan ahead before engaging.

These tougher-than-your-average droids patrol the industrial complex, attacking any living thing not attached to an official ID badge for this level. They follow a set pattern, or remain in a particular room, so it’s possible to avoid the, but the resources they are guarding (and they have built into them) might just be worth the pummelling.

Possibly the first Sentry the part will meet, this sentry is built to withstand high temperatures and use its internal heat to spew damage on interlopers. A metal construct like this should have a high AC, but a lot of this layer has been recycled; imagine a lot of exposed wires and smoke spilling out of this robot.

The Gold Sentry was purely for defence. Whereas the other sentries had a way they could assist in the manufacture process, this robot was built to keep people out. One arm is essentially a large cattle prod designed to keep enemies stunned.

The chemical treatment facilities are too heavy and dangerous for people to be around for long, so these Sentries served a more functional purpose. Those large metal claws are good for seizing hold of large vats or squeezing invading adventurers.

Week 8 – 56 rooms complete

The rooms for week 8 look like this:

50. Trapped Corridor
– Empty, clean, tiled floor
– Most of the tiles are pressure plates concealing electric traps.
– one safe path through the corridor. Only known to the lead engineers

51. Production
– Noise from aging machine fills the room. Communication is impossible
– W assembly line is operating, E line stripped for parts
– An unexplored bomb punched through the ceiling from the floor above following an attack on the facility decades ago. Bomb is deactivated, but the metal of the shell and floor fused together, the clan have simply cordoned it off
– One ‘lead engineer’ and 1d6+3 engineers

52. Testing Room
– Most of the lab equipment and machinery has been ripped out, recycled or dismantled.
– Edkin, the Machine Maker tinkers with new designs and chemical tests, alone and mad.

53. Construction room
– Second production room, missing most of its machinery
– Full of sounds of aging conveyor belts; impossible to communicate
– 2 ‘Lead Engineers’ watch over 1d4 Engineers and 1d6 worker droids
– machines are currently manufacturing components for the clan in the layer below (anyone who brought these with them would have an easier time negotiating with the clan)

54. Treatment Room
– Several vats of chemical treatment
– Air is dangerous – full of noxious vapours
– Machines are currently inactive
– A “Titanium Sentry” maintains the room

55. Disposal
– Furnace takes the E section of the room.
– Large bins overflowing with broken parts and mouldy food
– A worker droid hides in one bin avoiding the clan, in fear that he will be ‘sacrificed’ next

56. Recycling
– A mess off machine parts, broken tools, and chemical waste.
– Several surfaces and objects are coated in leaked fuels and waste. A single spark could cause the entire room to erupt in flames.

In Summary

Next week, I start floor number 3! That went fast. I also have the boss of this floor built in. Currently called ‘The Supervisor’, I had an idea that they were mechanically modified in some way. Then, my wife picked the word ‘excess’ from the random word list, and not The Supervisor has to be ‘excessively’ alerted. I don’t fully know what they will end up meaning, but I know there will like be some body horrow.

Thank You For Reading

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