What Zelda Items would improve other Videogames? (Blog Revisited)

Now I won’t say that I offered inspiration to the latest Call of Duty… because I obviously didn’t. What I did do was suggest a change to the game franchise that kind of, sort of, made it into the game. Which I think we can all agree is still pretty impressive… if you’re easily impressed. A year ago, I stated that Call of Duty would be improved by the Power Glove from The Legend of Zelda, and Advanced Warfare included exo-suits. That’s basically the same thing (if you ignore all the differences). I’ve always known I was a visionary…


I began blogging just over a year ago. So far I’ve written about being a Gamer-Teacher, explored some of my Weird Theories about various videogames and generally talked about why games are good things. Yet the blog I began with was on this particular subject: Which Games would benefit from a Zelda Weapon? Because the conversation were so fun the first time, and I’m looking for a nostalgia trip for myself, I’d like to revisit this topic.

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In Need of a Good Home: Which Video Game Creatures Deserve a Second Chance?

In my never-ending journey to the summit of Backlog Game Mountain, I finally reached The Last of Us. It took a long time to get there, but it was worth it. I’d heard great things, and was expecting to find an amazing game. It really is all sorts of amazing. I wasn’t however expecting to feel sympathy for the Clickers.

What is intended to be the creepiest creature in The Last of Us ended up earning my pity. They are monsters, but in my mind they are misunderstood monsters. Below, I will explain why I feel this way, and also share my thoughts on other creatures that I believe should not be punished for being bad.

[Minor spoilers to follow]

The Clickers in The Last of Us are just lonely.

Let me be clear: I have no sympathy for the people that were turned into the Infected, this games fungus-infused version of Zombies. They probably weren’t very nice anyhow. If there’s one thing you learn about people in The Last of Us, it’s that they are all bad people. No, my sympathy is certainly for the Clickers. For those who haven’t yet played, the Clickers are an advanced form of the regular Infected. Their mushroom coated brains are now so ravaged that they are completely blind and navigate the world using a serious of verbal clicks. They are thus referred to as Clickers in that very literal way zombies are labelled.


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