The GamerPeak Quiz #6 – SCI-FI

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The theme this week is SCIENCE FICTION. The quiz involves Sci-Fi gadgets, Star Wars vs Star Trek, and alien species.

Have fun & thanks for playing!

The GamerPeak Quiz #5 – English

The theme this week is ENGLISH. The quiz involves English Sayings, Shakespeare, strange old English words and movie adaptations.

6 rounds, 60 points, slightly less than 20 minutes in length. Have fun, share with friends and family, use it as a resource if you are a teacher!

Let me know if there’s a type of quiz you would like to see in the future!

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Haha, you don’t know _____!

I don’t take issue with a great deal while I’m teaching. I’m accepting of the broad span of opinions and preconceptions. I rarely feel the need to lecture people in or out of lessons, and I would never tell you your opinion is flat-out wrong. But when someone laughs at someone for not knowing something, that’s when I dust off the soapbox.

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