D&D Quote Out of Context #4

Player: I rolled a Natural 20! That’s a 27 total.

DM: For what?

Player: Perception.

DM: Oh I see. You will need to roll again.

Player: What?! Why?

DM: It’s pitch black in here.

Player: …I perceive through my skin!

She discovered that she was cold and damp. Definitely in a cave. 100% certain of it.


Teaching Quote Out of Context #2

Student: Sir?

Teacher: Yes?

Student: You know everything we’ve been looking at? The Treaty of Versailles… The League of Nations…

Teacher: I do, yes.

Student: Did it really happen?

Teacher (passively): Yes. History as a study of things in the past.

Student (nodding): Okay cool, thank you sir.

[Student goes back to work, but sees their friend staring at them open-mouthed.]

Student (unwavering): It was a 50-50 question, so I had to ask.

If you do not ask, you do not learn.