Edgar – Greatest Disney BBEG?

Well I hardly think we need look any further. Clearly we have found the most ultimate villain Disney has to offer. Who better to inspire the Big Bad for our TTRPG!


Alright, let’s get this over with.

The bad guy from a movie about singing cats is not going to hit the number 1 slot on this list. Nevertheless, I’m giving every bad guy a score. Besides, we might be looking at our lowest ranked villain, and that’s something, I guess?

Presence – 1 out of 5

Edgar is present. That much is true. He’s on screen in Aristocats almost as much as the main kittens themselves. When he appears, it’s almost entirely for comedic value. Even when the man’s monologuing about his schemes, its with a bumbling, woe-is-me, jowl-wobbling silliness.

He is the most butlery of butlers, always subservient and in the background, even in scenes he’s in alone. As a villain in your Table Top Game, he’s a bit of fun but there’s just no way he’s filling out the BBEG role.

Atmosphere – 1 out of 5

As stated above, Edgar is so ‘secondary’ in every scene he’s in. Whether its a chase, a polite conversation or combat, Edgar is very much in the scene but barely adding anything to it. Apart from additional goofs.

Omniscience – 1 out of 5

The man only discovers his plan has failed by accident. He is tricked on multiple occasions by pets and farmyard animals. At one point, he mistakes a dog in his sidecar for a human being… even though he should have been immediately surprised that anyone was in the sidecar to begin with…

Henchmen – 0 out of 5

It’s just him, a humble butler with a grudge against kittens. Strangely enough, no one else is helping out with the animal abandonment.

Threat Level – 0.5 out of 5

And unless you’re drinking milk he’s poisoned, you’re not really in much danger with Edgar. He can throw a pitchfork around, but he’s wildly inaccurate. Even at his most rage-filled, the bumbling man servant is bundled into a chest with very little effort.

Finale – 1 out of 5

So the end of a campaign or story arc with Edgar might end with some japes and pratfalls, but in terms of a final fight or dramatic conclusion, we’re not going to be able to draw any inspirations from Aristocats. Even a party of level 1 adventurers is going to be disappointed if this is the looming BBEG. He’s not even henchman material.

Final Score = 0.75

This stat block is about as good as Edgar should expect. He’s tougher than your average commoner… but not by much.

At least we’re starting to get a proper scoreboard going:

Disney VillainScore
Jafar3.83 👑
Cruella de Vil2.00
Queen of Hearts1.33

A man who had a struggle with kittens and lost, who battled farm animals and failed, is not going anywhere near the top spot. He’s a great example of how the villain of a TTRPG can be fun and goofy. Not all villains need to be all dark, grizzly and brooding.

Of course, some dark and grizzly along with the humour would be nice.

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Author: Rufus Scott

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