Firesky’s Collection of Abjuration Spells

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Writing Dungeons & Dragons stories is fun, but there’s also something fun in coming up with the spells and magic items to use in the game.

Firesky’s Collection of Abjuration Spells is my first set of magic spells on ‘Abjuration’ spells are all about protection, for you and others.

Firesky Collection Cover

J. S. Firesky is a wizard with a love of the School of Abjuration. In her opinion, there is no successful adventurer that didn’t seek the benefits of a quality arcane barrier or magical boost to their mental and physical faculties. After 31 years as an adventurer herself, Firesky has discovered numerous Abjuration spells hitherto unknown by the spellcasting masses.

Firesky’s Collection of ABJURATION Spells contains the descriptions of 15 new spells from the School of Abjuration. These spells serve various classes and range from levels 1-6:

Level 1: Absorb Pain, Disruptive Force, Steadfast

Level 2: Adroit Escape, Blast Barrier, Lilimaw’s Guard Wall

Level 3: Lilimaw’s Safe Space, Pertinacity, Shield Ally

Level 4: Forceful Dismissal, Grand Resistance, Mental Barricade

Level 5: Aura of Shielding, Spellbreaker

Level 6: Spell Shift

Available on DMSGuild | Price: Pay What You Want!

Please note: These spells have been play tested and reviewed by multiple DMs, but there’s always room for improvement. Leave any comments and constructive criticisms you have in the Discussions section below. This pdf will be updated regularly based on your feedback.

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All the spells you’ll need to becoming all-knowing!

Have a Great Adventure!

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