Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Fairy

My daughter and wife were watching one of the Tinkerbell movies. I caught ten minutes of it, before declaring “well that isn’t Tinkerbell” (you know, in that way that only the most obnoxious people nit-pick movies). My wife looked at me puzzled (my daughter carried on enjoying the movie and ignoring her silly daddy) and I reminded her that in the original story Tinkerbell is not the super-happy, kind and caring friend she’s more recently portrayed as.

No, Tinkerbell is just awful. She’s vain and spiteful, she’s more than ready to shank anyone that crosses her, and if she considers you a rival she will gleefully put you in mortal danger. She’s a terrible creature.

But that fits the true fairy mould. Traditional myths often describe fairies as dangerous, mischievous and akin to demons. So not only am I a fan of Tinkerbell in her true form, but I’m more than happy with the angry, bitey fairy in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


As stat blocks go, its another beast that isn’t going to put up too much of a fight on its own. But once again, that’s not the point of a monster like this. These tiny miscreants will turn up in large groups to pester the adventurers. The sanctuary spell and blade ward cantrip makes the fairy hard to hit if they aren’t attacking, so they can buzz around the adventurers and cause all sorts of irritation and/or grief. Wonderfully irritating and an unique problem for a low-level hero.

This is another Fantastic Beast that has a mirror image in Dungeons & Dragons. Whilst there isn’t a Fairy per se, there is a Pixie. Whilst it would be easy to use those stats for a Harry Potter fairy, it doesn’t really mesh. The Pixie uses weapons, and it’s magic is a lot stronger than what is described in Fantastic Beasts. The D&D Pixie has its own culture and civilisation. The stats above more closely resemble what the Fairy is: a tiny, annoying, magic bug.

The main thing will be making sure that I make a different stat block when the Fantastic Beast pixie shows up.

Thank You For Reading

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Author: Rufus Scott

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