Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Fwooper

Today, we have another bird that has a magic cry. The Augurey has a irritating call that tells you the weather is about to change. The Fwooper has a lovely call that makes you go loopy. What luck: D&D has rules for when creatures go mad.


Another straight forward conversion today, but with a nice little gem for Dungeon Masters everywhere. Whilst this isn’t going to spice up combat. A player that buys this at a market could end up accidentally maddening the whole adventuring party. Don’t tell your players what is causing them to make the wisdom save, for added paranoia.

You could add some zest to the Fwooper’s call by having players roll on the long term – or even short term – madness tables, but that seems a little excessive and the indefinite madness is more interesting for roleplay.

Also, one of the outcomes is that the affected creature begins to enjoy killing. This could be a fun way to create an unlikely villain. The group are sent to meet with a kindly old mage, in his homely tower, only to have him try to kill them in their sleep.

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Author: Rufus Scott

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