Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Ghoul

This is another monster that shows up in D&D and the Potterverse. This time, the different is quite striking.

A fight with a pack of Dungeons & Dragons Ghouls can get nasty surprisingly quickly. A single claw swipe can cause paralysis, which makes every subsequent bite and scratch a Critical Hit. Visually, they are look like a powered up zombie, complete with bloated, blue skin and a glassy-eyed stare.

The Fantastic Beast ghoul is… sometimes kept as a pet?

For the purpose of distinguishing between them, the ghoul form the Potterverse will be labelled ‘attic ghoul’. The D&D ghoul likes the dingy, gloomy places of the world. Urban or natural environments, these undead abominations like to be where things have died and/or festered.

Attic ghouls on the other hand like warm and cosy lofts or barns. They are also very much alive, so they have the ‘giant’ tag instead of ‘undead’. What’s more, they are significantly less inclined to rush at you for the purpose of chewing your face bits. Instead, they laze around all day. Maybe, if you really annoy them, they might throw the doll out the pram. Or the pram itself. Whatever’s stored up in the loft with them.


You include D&D ghouls in a dungeon to add an extra challenge before the treasure room. Or they pop us as a nasty surprise somewhere dark and ominous. The Fantastic Beast Ghoul is more likely to pop up in an NPCs abode as an oddity. Perhaps the creature adds to an encounter if it’s master is attacked?

Or maybe one shows up in a market, and a cunning conman convinces the party that this ‘vicious beast’ will make an ‘excellent addition’ to their arsenal. By the time the group discovers that the attic ghoul is no more than a gnarly, scabby teddy bear, the seller will be long gone.

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Author: Rufus Scott

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