Fantastic Beasts and How to Slay Them: Unicorn

Last week I converted Harry Potter trolls into D&D monsters. They have their merits, but they lack some of the cool abilities of what is already in place. I’ve got to do the same this week. The unicorn in Fantastic Beasts is elusive and mysterious, but the description lacks the plethora of abilities the D&D unicorn is decked out with.

Teleportation, spellcasting, healing abilities… the D&D version is ready for anything. It evens has ‘legendary actions’, a thing usually reserved for creatures 2 or 3 times for powerful.

So this creature I’m about to make is going to have nothing on its D&D counterpart, but I’ve made a commitment to do every Fantastic Beast as accurately as possible, so here we go.


Most of the description in the book is dedicated to what happens if you pull a Voldemort and siphon the unicorn to prolong your life. So you’d be well within your rights to assume that the unicorn has all the abilities laid out in the original stat block.

But if you want a more run-of-the-mill majestic creature, with a little bit more grace, this new stat block is worth a look.

Thank You For Reading

Right here is where the other Fantastic Beasts have been given the D&D treatment.


Author: Rufus Scott

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