TTRPGs with Kids – Masks of Mini Beasts

The last few weeks I’ve been handing out thoughts and advice on playing Table Top Games with students, family and young friends. This week, I’d like to show you what I’ve made for my groups in the past.

I write a series called Fables & Fantasies, and the first in the series is called Masks of Mini Beasts.

The point of the series is two-fold:

  1. Silly, light-hearted, goofy D&D games for all ages to enjoy.
  2. Games with a moral lesson or positive message.

In Masks of Mini Beasts, the adventurers find an empty cave in a forest. Sounds of small animals can be heard, but there’s no life in sight. Digging deeper, the heroes will find a hidden door, and beyond a set of animal shaped masks on pedestals. Each of the masks is a magic item:

Wear the mask, transform into that creature.

If you’re running a two player game, they will find a baboon and an octopus mask. A third player will find a weasel. After that, the trophy room includes a crab, lizard, quipper, rat, and a spider mask. All turn the wearer into that little beast, each with their own skills and tricks.

Doors open all around them. Using these masks, the group must work together to solve a series of puzzle rooms. The beast forms are the best way to solve each puzzle, and each animal will have a role to play.

With the tests passed, the party will find the Grove of Squeaks. This is where the morality lesson kicks in: a mysterious druid asks the group to give up all but one of these powerful masks.

If they argue, act selfishly or demand more, the druid takes all the masks back.

If they agree, they will find a large jewel in their packs when they leave the grove.

If they decide giving the all back is the fair thing to do, the druid will beam at them and give all the masks away, pleased by their kindness.

  • Can the adventurers discover the Realm of Squeaks?
  • Will they master the Masks of Mini Beasts to solve the puzzles?
  • Most importantly, can they work as a true team?

This is a D&D adventure, though the simplicity of its concept could easily adapt to any TTRPG mechanics. The game is designed to last 2-4 hours, and you’ll probably need to full time for a young group of 4 or more.

If you’ve read this far, and you’re interested in this adventure, here’s a link you can follow to pick it up for half price ($0.50)!

I’ve run this with children 7 and up, and they spend most of the game as their animal forms, doing goofy things. It’s a delight. I’ve run this with groups of young adults with more D&D experience and they revel in the uniqueness of the adventure, and often find ingenious uses for these masks.

The best part is that those that pass the test get to find extra uses for the Mask of Mini Beasts in their next adventure.

Thank You For Reading, and Have a Great Adventure!

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