TTRPGs with Kids – Tiny Potion Problem

Adventures for young players should be simple, to help them get to grips with the game. It should have some sort of limit or containment on it, so they don’t feel lost/get too caught up on the background ceiling. Ideally, it should be silly.

Fables & Fantasies 2 – A Tiny Potion Problem is definitely all of these things, especially the last one.

This adventure takes place in just one, small room. It’s about to feel a lot bigger…

The job is simple. Jemyma Firesky, a powerful wizard, needs a mystery item collected from a chest in her laboratory, but she is too busy to go herself. The adventurers must travel to her lab, collect the item and return for a reward.

There is, one ‘small’ problem. A thief has broken into the lab and stolen the chest. On the way out, the thief knocked the lid off a cauldron, releasing an experimental potion – The Shrinking Mist – into the room. The party is walking into an accidental trap. Upon entering the room, the party is reduced to the size of mice. They have to find the ingredients for the remedy, or they will be trapped in this room as tiny people until Firesky finally visits…

A Tiny Potion Problem is the first short adventure in the Fable & Families series. This is a short adventure designed for all ages. A perfect game for young families and friends. Ideal for level 1-4 characters, lasting 2-3 hours.

All the details and monster stats needed for this tiny adventure can be found in this guide. 

This is the second guide in the Fables & Families series. 

If you’ve read this far, and you’re interested in this adventure, you can pick it up for half price as a thank you ($0.50)!

I’ve run this for adults and young people and groups that combine the two. This is definitely well received by all. To young players, this is a silly ride they’ve not experienced before. For older players this hits the nostalgia button, reminding them of scenes from Honey I Shrank the Kids and Ant Man.

Absolutely everyone loves meeting the two Ranger Mice on the bookshelf.

Thank You For Reading, and Have a Great Adventure!

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